Bomb Calorimeter

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Bomb Calorimeter

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO64406

Bomb Calorimeter Manufacturer


Calorimeter Vessel with bomb support, Water jacket, Combined Lid for calorimeter vessel and water jacket, Stirrer, Connecting Leads, Connecting tube to connect bomb & pressure gauge, Connecting tube with fine adjustment valve, to connect pressure gauge, pressure gauge on stand, Spanner for oxygen tube connection, Ignition Wire, (2 meters) Nichrome, Cotton Real, stand for bomb lid, Hook for lifting bomb, stainless steel Crucible, Gelatine capsules, Gas release valve, Instruction manual. Bomb firing unit, Vibrator, Timer, Benzonic acids.

Technical Specifications

  • Static jacket calorimetry
  • 2 tests per hour
  • Operator time per test is 25 minutes
  • 3% precision class
  • 6775 digital thermometer
  • Manual oxygen fill
  • Manual bucket fill
  • Manual bomb wash

Dimensions (mm):

  • 210 mm width x 210 mm depth x 290 mm height
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