Boiling Heat Transfer Unit Apparatus

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Boiling Heat Transfer Unit

Product Code: AT509

Boiling Heat Transfer Unit Apparatus Manufacturer

  1. Evaporation on a fire tube
  2. Evaporation with heating element
  3. Transparent process tank
  4. Copper piping
  5. CFC free evaporation liquid
  6. Safety valve
  7. Pressure switch for additional protection of heating circuit, adjustable
  8. Digital displays for measured values

Technical Data


  • Power: 250W, continuously adjustable
  • Surface area: 0,001875m²

Cooler, copper coil

  1. Diameter: 80mm
  2. Surface area: 0,0578m²
  3. Safety valve opens at 2,2bar
  4. Tank: 2,85L

Measuring Ranges

  1. Pressure: 0…4bar absolute
  2. Power: 0…300W
  3. Flow rate: 0,05…1,8L/min
  4. Temperature thermocouple: 0…200°C
  5. 1x temperature: -5…105°C
  6. 3x temperature: 0…130°C
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