Boiler control Demonstration Unit c/w accessories

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Boiler control Demonstration Unit

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO64424

Boiler control Demonstration Unit c/w accessories Manufacturer

The Boiler Control Trainer allow the student to investigate the operation of a steam generation plant and observe a range of boiler control sequences relating to oil or gas fired boilers.

Experimental Capability

  • Designed to provide demonstration and investigation of:
  • Automatic operational functioning of an oil/gas fired boiler
  • Predetermined faults imposed on the system
  • Safety control operation
  • Feed water pump control by various methods
  • Basic boiler mounted indicating and control systems
  • To be supplied with software on CD, Personal Computer, PCI Interface Card including User Guide and driver software on CD, Cables, Interface Card for P7665 and this instruction manual.
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