Batch Solid Liquid Extraction Soxhlet Batch Distillation

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Product Code: AECFE002

Batch Solid Liquid Extraction Soxhlet Batch Distillation Manufacturer

Batch Solid Liquid Extraction Soxhlet  Batch Distillation

Main characteristics of the pilot

  • Industrial instrumentation.
  • Flow switch of the condenser cooling water for operators safety.
  • Level and temperature switches to protect heating element.
  • Borosilicate glass and stainless steel AISI 316L manufacturing.
  • Rigid process pipes.
  • Electrical heating.
  • Variable reflux column head controlled by ATEX solenoid valve.

Teaching objectives

Study of the following experimental parameters :

  • Influence of solvent type.
  • Influence of residence time.
  • Influence of operating principle.
  • Study of column hydrodynamics.
  • Study of the separation of a binary or complex solution.

Calculations :

  • Mass balance.
  • Mass exchange coefficient calculation.
  • Heat balance.
  • Determination of number of theoretical plates (McCABE and THIELE, PONCHON and SAVARIT).
  • Determination of number of transfer units.
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