Automatic Marshall Compactor With Rotating Base

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Automatic Marshall Compactor with Rotating Base

Product Code: CM-003

Automatic Marshall Compactor With Rotating Base Manufacturer

Humboldt Automatic Marshall compaction machine are designed to provide stable and rigid mechanism for producing 4″ & 6″ diameter asphalt pills used in Marshall tests.

The Marshall compaction machines are available in two types of configurations: one with a rotating mold with a tapered-foot hammer assembly, and the other a stationary mold with a flat-foot hammer. Both models feature a heavy-duty design, which stands up well to the constant jarring caused by the compaction process.

These machines feature an automatic counter allows the operator to present number of blows wanted and will turn off the machine when completed. After the number of blows has been set, the operator can start the machine with push button and keep track of the number of blows on an  LED readout. A cam-action lever operates the integral mold holder to facilitate insertion and removal of the compaction mold.

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