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Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO95404

Autoclave Manufacturer


  • Top loading Autoclave suitable for sterilizing the following
  • Liquids (media)
  • Discard material
  • Glassware
  • Laboratory instruments

Technical Specifications

  • Electric, power rating = 240V single phase, power current= 2A
  • sterilizer dimension = 660mm x 1070mm x 840mm, top loading (vertical),
  • chamber volume = 120L,
  • Supplied with all accessories & its operation manual


  • A fully programmable touch screen color controller
  • An electro polished stainless steel chamber
  • Delayed start and media hold warm feature
  • External pressure gauge
  • Safety valve test program and emergency stop button
  • Validation port
  • Drain valve
  • Castor mounted
  • Timed/Pulsed free steaming
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