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Product Code: AEMT001

Atomization Pilot Manufacturer

  • It has a conic base and a closing device.
  • It is widely used for maintenance operations of the nozzle and cleaning operations, with lighted windows.
  • Bi injection fluid nozzle (air and liquid solution).
  • Solution feeding pressurized vat, in stainless steel 316L. Function with compressed air
  • Resistances heater with input air temperature process control.
  • 1 fan
  • 1 Separation cyclone
  • 3 temperature probes, 1 at the atomizer input, 1 at the cyclone output, 1 for the measurement of the atomization chamber temperature.
  • 2 humidity probes, 1 at the atomizer input, 1 at the cyclone output, of which one resist to 100°C.
  • One over-pressure safety device consisting in a probe measuring pressure 0,5 bar switching off the compressed air feeding.
  • The atomization tower is mounted on adjustable feet and is equipped with a platform with castors.
  • Food processing construction
  • Electrical cabinet including :
  • The control and fan protection (with speed driver and potentiometer in option).
  • The control and protection of electrical heater resistances, with the 2 static power units.
  • The regulator 6 displays (2 for humidity, 3 for temperature, 1 for air flow in option), emergency stop, switch with lock, switch on light
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