Arc Welding Machines

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Arc Welding Machines

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Arc Welding Machines Manufacturer


  • Full bridge IGBT (Module) Technology.
  • Easy arc striking and stable arc.
  • Digital Display of current with precise preset function
  • High Power factor and high efficiency.
  • High Switching frequency, Hence low volume and weight
  • Adjustable arc Force.
  • Variable current 0 -350 amps
  • 3phase

Silent Features :-

  • Withstands high temperatures.
  • Moving the core out allows the field to disperse and the current is reduced.
  • Moving the core which concentrates more of the magnetic force on the secondary coil thus increasing the current.
  • The latest technology, innovative design, improve skills and outstanding performance.
  • Compact, light weight, easy to carry & maintain.
  • Automatic temperature protection and air-cooling units, highly efficient energy saving.
  • Can be used in variety of metals and position.

Welding Equipment Accessories

The welding equipment accessories for the welding power source include the connecting cables or leads, an electrode holder, cable connectors and the ground clamp. The cables that carry the current in welding circuit are quite flexible and are generally made of copper or aluminum wires. These wires are very find (0.2 mm diameter) and number between 800 to 2500 depending upon the current carrying capacity of the cable. Aluminum cables are much lighter and weigh only one-third of copper cables but their current carrying capacities are also lower being about 60% that of copper cables.

Electrode holder:

Electrode holder is generally matched to the welding cable and the cable size depends upon the current required to be carried in the welding circuit. Usually electrode holders are specified depending upon the current that they can carry; the normal range being 150 to 500A. The electrode holders of the popular design have grooves cut in the jaws which facilitate the holding of electrode at different angles for easy manipulation.

The ground clamp is used to connect the other terminal of the welding circuit. It sometimes resembles the electrode holder but often it is like a C clamp is fitted tightly to the work table to avoid sparking, however most often it is rather loosely attached to facilitate easy detachment.

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