Advanced Conduction Unit Apparatus

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Advanced Conduction Unit Apparatus

Product Code: AT506

Advanced Conduction Unit Apparatus Manufacturer

  1. Study of linear thermal conduction in metal test bars under vacuum
  2. Bell jar, diaphragm pump and manometer to generate a vacuum
  3. Test bar clamped between a heater and a Peltier element as the cooler
  4. Test bars made of stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper
  5. 2 thermocouples to measure the temperature at both ends of the test bar
  6. Measurement of current and voltage of the heater
  7. Measurement of current and voltage of the peltier element
  8. Digital displays for temperatures, current, voltage

Technical Data

Diaphragm Pump

  1. Power consumption: 90W
  2. Vacuum: max. 10mbar abs.
  3. Suction capacity: 6L/min


  1. Power: 1.5W

Peltier Element

  1. Power: 8.5W
  2. Temperature difference: 70K

Test Bars

  1. Diameter: 5mm
  2. Length: 128mm
  3. Measured length: 80mm
  4. Material: stainless steel, brass, aluminium, copper

Measuring Ranges

  1. Temperature: 2x 0…200°C
  2. Voltage: 2x 0…10VDC
  3. Current: 1x 0…1A, 1x 0…5A
  4. Manometer: -1…0bar
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