16 Channel Data Acquisition System

We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of 16 Channel Data Acquisition System. Now accepting bulk orders for government tenders around the globe.

16 Channel

Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO41094

16 Channel Data Acquisition System Manufacturer


They are voltage output USB 2.0 full-speed modules. Each module provides 4, 8, or 16 voltage outputs. All modules provide synchronous and concurrent voltage updates. All Series modules provide eight digital I/O lines and one 32-bit event counter and are powered by the 5V USB supply from the computer.

Analog Output

All Series modules provide either 4, 8, or 16 channels of 16-bit analog output. Each channel is software-selectable for either a bipolar voltage output range of ±10 V or unipolar range of 0 to 10V. Channel outputs can be updated individually or simultaneously.



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