Chemistry Lab Equipment

[message type=”info” close=”no” title=”Atico Export – Chemistry Laboratory Equipment Range”]We offer a range of chemistry equipment that are used on schools, colleges and other teaching lab. We are the manufacturer and exporters of the most affordable chemistry lab equipment since 1954 in Ambala, India.[/message]

Our Chemistry Lab equipment range includes instruments such as test tubes, test tube stands, filter papers, lab brushes, safety equipment, gas preparation equipment for chemistry lab, burners, basins and crucibles, cork and tubing etc.

[one_fourth][image thumb=”×286.jpg” src=”” align=”none” prodtitle=”BASINS AND CRUCIBLES” bgclass=”bgred” ] [/one_fourth]

[one_fourth][image thumb=”×300.jpg” src=”” align=”none” prodtitle=”BURNERS” bgclass=”bgyel” ][/one_fourth]

[one_fourth][image thumb=”×300.jpg” src=”” align=”none” prodtitle=”Cork and Tubing” bgclass=”bgblu” ][/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last][image thumb=”×300.jpg” src=”” align=”none” prodtitle=”Filter Paper” bgclass=”bgbla” ][/one_fourth_last]

[image thumb=”×300.jpg” src=”” align=”none” prodtitle=”Gas Preparation” bgclass=”bgbla” ][/one_fourth]

[image thumb=”” src=”” align=”none” prodtitle=”Lab Brushes” bgclass=”bgblu” ][/one_fourth]

[image thumb=”×300.jpg” src=”#” align=”none” prodtitle=”Retort Stand” bgclass=”bgred” ][/one_fourth]

[image thumb=”×300.jpg” src=”#” align=”none” prodtitle=”Spatula” bgclass=”bgyel” ][/one_fourth_last]
[image thumb=”×300.jpg” src=”” align=”undefined” prodtitle=”Test Tube Stands” bgclass=”bgred” ][/one_fourth]

[image thumb=”×300.jpg” src=”” align=”undefined” prodtitle=”Safety Equipment” bgclass=”bgyel” ][/one_fourth]



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